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    The use of Tippy tap over the modernized water basins

    The use of Tippy tap over the modernized water basins

    Tippy tap is a hygienic hand washing device with running water. It was first built by Dr. Jim Watt in Zimbabwe. With a rope, container with a cap, two sticks with Y-shaped end and two straight sticks, one can easily construct a tippy tap. The device is hygienic as it requires no touching to prevent the spread of germs and other bacteria especially after visiting the washroom. Although, the soap used for washing of the hand is touched, it is believed that soap has compounds that act against germs and other bacteria. Aside from tippy tap being hygienic, it is less expensive to afford and saves water. However, today- the era of modernization where innovation and technological transfer are the drives behind globalization, other forms of hand washing device which are not hygienic are used. Therefore, it is of high importance to critically examine new innovations and technologies before accepting and applying them in one’s daily life because it is not all (modernized) are the best. The video shows the adaptation and use of tippy tap in Adutor R/C Basic school in the Volta region of Ghana.