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Testimonials from previous participants


Testimonials from previous participants

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Statements from Participants of the Outcome mapping Workshop held on the 2nd-4th October 2012


Outcome Mapping to me shows that you can focus on the beneficiaries and the transformations in their lives. I would recommend this workshop to anyone in the field of development, this is a must-attend workshop for anyone in development and who wants to assess how their impacting on people’s lives.’- Christy Ahenkora, UNDP


‘The course has been great. In the first place to have someone such as Terry, a founding father of Outcome Mapping is exciting because you don’t always get someone of such calibre coming to Africa to facilitate sessions...Outcome Mapping is one of the processes that development practitioners, especially in Ghana will need to do good planning’- Vincent Azuma, West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP)

‘This course is one of those initiatives that if you don’t get involved early enough you will be left behind. I can see Outcome mapping becoming a key tool for development practitioners World Wide.’- Kwami Edem Senanu, Executive Director of African Network 2000