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As a development organisation that is committed to and interested in working on processes that seek to strengthen and secure the rights of citizens, research is a key component of our work.  The research unit plays a critical role in knowledge development and capacity building by conducting policy-influencing research and consultancies into a variety of socioeconomic themes that are relevant to the growth, development and poverty reduction in Ghana and Africa.

At PDA we believe that everyone matters and in consideration of this we always ensure that our work approach is participatory enough to incorporate the views of our respondents.  Our core strength is qualitative, and more recently, quantitative research; but we have always adopted mixed methods approach where necessary. Our proven record of high quality accomplishments among our diverse partners and clients is a testament to our agility in innovative research method application.

The research unit over the years has conducted research and consultancy assignments on a range of topics including but not limited to decentralisation, youth development, issues on governance, policy analysis and advocacy, impact evaluation, poverty and social assessments, reproductive health including HIV/AIDS, gender and development, education, agriculture, and climate change. We work with government ministries, departments and agencies, private and Non-Governmental Organisations as well as bilateral and multilateral organisations.

The research unit works in collaboration with partner organisations and associates in every district and region in Ghana. Our researchers and associates are professionals who have been trained and are conversant with our participatory methodologies and tools. They have been very instrumental in the delivery of quality work during nationwide projects/studies embarked on by PDA. Our reliable and available logistics also makes it possible for us to deploy anywhere in the country at short notice.