Advocacy and Communication

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Participatory Development Associates (PDA) Ltd was established to provide competent and professional services to actors in the development community. Over the years PDA has gained a lot of experience, competencies, capabilities and has carved a niche for itself. To position itself in a globally competitive environment, it decided to restructure its internal organisation through the creation of units to build upon its achievements and continue to aspire for a world where “everyone matters”.

In pursuance of this, the Advocacy and Communication Unit was created in line with PDA’s core values of empowerment, Inclusiveness, Transparency and Accountability among others.  The unit handles programmes and projects relating to advocacy and communication. The communication aspect of the units is in charge of communicating the activities of PDA and partners through the appropriate media.

Specifically, the objectives of the unit are:

  1. To work with state actors and institutions at various levels of governance structure and non state actors who have the ability to influence policy change for the benefit of the marginalised.
  2. To work with individuals or groups whose rights need to be taken into account in the assessment of specific development challenges
  3. To disseminate information on the activities of PDA to relevant stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner through appropriate media
  4. To undertake any relevant work which is related to the work of PDA and has a link with the core functions of the unit