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About our Training...

PDA uses a wide variety of participatory and experiential methods in its training programmes. We believe that if people are engaged in an active learning process, they will learn more effectively and retain more, as well as have more fun. Very often our training processes simply unlock and gather up the knowledge and understanding of participants, with facilitators or specialists complementing this with minimal additional inputs where needed. Our training thus works away from conventional models that view training as a process of imparting a body of knowledge by the quickest route possible.

Much of PDA’s training work has been part of projects that we work on, with the content emerging from the project itself. PDA thus creates a learning space and where particular thematic content is required, an additional person can be invited to make an input. Usually however, the critical factor is shaping an agenda and sessions that will enable people to learn most effectively. To do this, we listen carefully to our clients’ needs and develop programmes together. We can also train others in facilitation and facilitative training, as well as training of trainers.

PDA also offers its own open training courses as part of its Institute for Development Practice and Management (IDPM). See IDPM section of this website for details.

Date: September 2010- Febuary 2011

Brief Description:


PDA was tasked to support the mainstreaming of gender considerations in the Pro-poor REDD project in Ghana. This involved co-ordinating with the IUCN Global Gender office and the IUCN Regional office to implement activities for mainstreaming gender considerations in the pro-poor REDD project in Ghana. PDA also conducted training to build the capacity of women organizations to enhance their position within REDD+ that both improve poor rural women’s benefit from REDD+ livelihoods and mitigate effects of climate change.

Client: Centre for Sustainable Development Inititatives

Date: April 2010

Brief Description:

Training on the facilitation of Community Action Plan under the CODRIGA project.

The training was to build the capacity of CENSUDI staff, Associates, some decentralised department representatives from Bawku East, West, Kasena Nankana West, Bolga and Talensi-Nabolan in the facilitation of Community Action Plan in CODRIGA communities in their districts. As part of the training, participants were also taken through issues of Gender and Social Inclusion.

Client: Kuapa Kokoo

Date: March- April 2010

Brief Description:

Knowledge and Skills Based Training for Kuapa Kokoo Cluster Supervisors.

Kuapa Kokoo, as part of the compliance of the FLO-CERT conditions, had to put in place measures to facilitate the eradication of child labour and worst forms of child labour within their operational communities. In light of this, PDA facilitated two sets of capacity building training for some key Kuapa Kokoo field officer/cluster supervisors to equip them in the implementation of a strategic plan for the elimination of WFCL. These trainings included knowledge based training on Child Labour, Child Development and related concepts and skills based training in PLA methodologies, facilitation and community engagement processes.

Client: Free the Slaves (FTS)

Date: Febuary - June 2010

Brief description:

Engagement of Ghanaian NGOs on Child Labour/Child Trafficking issues in Cocoa Production

The purpose of the project was to strengthen the interventions of the Cocoa Protocol through independent civil society organizations informing and witnessing the process; encourage wider adoption of effective Cocoa Protocol interventions and “good practices” by NGOs working on other forms of trafficking and related abuses; and to strengthen and grow a functional national network of NGOs working against trafficking, Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) and slavery in Ghana through participation of these civil society organizations in the Cocoa Protocol process.

As part of this project FTS arranged for 12 independent civil society organizations to undertake community visits. PDA, FTS and the implementing partners of ICI accompanied the participating NGOs on exposure visits to the community-based programs of the ICI, soliciting their feedback on the programs’ strengths and areas for improvement in follow-up meetings facilitated by PDA.

Date: November 2009

Brief Description:

Civil society climate change

Training on  climate change awareness and advocacy at community and district levels on how to conduct participatory climate change.

Client: International Foundation for Education and Self Help (IFESH)

Date: September-October 2009

Brief Description:

Training of SMC/PTA's in 14 iMPACT communities in Wassa Amenfi West and Assin North.

With the objective of ensuring accessibility and the provision of quality education in project communities, International Foundation for Education and Self Help (IFESH) a key technical partner in the iMPACT project facilitating the strengthening of educational infrastructures and institutions, sponsored the training of SMC/PTA representatives from fourteen (14) of the nineteen (19) iMPACT project communities in the Assin North Municipal Assembly and eight (8) in the Wassa Amenfi West District.

The capacity building training was conducted by PDA, as an iMPACT partner, facilitating community empowerment and capacity building at the project communities for sustainable socio-economic development on behalf of IFESH. Forty-eight SMCs/PTAs representatives from six project communities in Assin North Municipal Assembly  were trained and sixty-two participants  from  eight communities in Wassa Amenfi West District. Topics/issues discussed included the composition of SMCs and PTAs, the functions and responsibilities, effective planning and organisation of meetings, resource mobilisation, maintenance and safety of school infrastructure etc.

Date - August - September 2008

Brief Description:

Training of Child labour Issues in the cocoa sector. PDA trained 150 media personnel from media houses in cocoa growing districts to enhance their understanding of child labour issues in the cocoa sector and to create awareness about child labour issues through their media

Client - IBIS West Africa

Date - August 2008

Brief Description:

Training on Child Rights /Labour Programming. PDA was tasked to train ‘Toms’ project partners to enable them acquire requisite knowledge and skills, to begin facilitating community meetings in child labour in cocoa farming.

Client - MARS
Date - January 2008

Brief Description
This was a one week workshop organised at Assin Fosu and Asankragua simultaneously and aimed at equiping participants, which are Mars's parners,with skills in using participatory tools to engage communities for community driven project which is to be implemeted by Mars in the two districts

Date - Sept. 2006 - May 2007

Brief Description
On two occasions PDA trained and equipped field workers and some health officials with the requisite skills and knowledge on how to get informed consent from participants in a malaria vaccine trial programme.

Client - Actionaid
Date - August 2007

Brief Description
This was a five-day training workshop during which PDA trained 16 field staff and team leaders on using participatory process in collecting baseline data on on knowledge and practice around disaister risk reduction in 20 schools and their communities in four districts in the Upper East region.

Date - October - November 2005

Brief Description
Community Dialogue Facilitation for Baseline Survey:

Training for AAIG staff in 6 regional development programmes in participatory techniques, facilitation skills and attitudes and critical thinking concerning processes of change and power dynamics within AAIG programmes. The training included follow up with participants at community level to ensure practical application of learning.

Client - CARE International - Gulf of Guinea
Date - September 2005

Brief Description

Facilitating Processes for Community Empowerment.

Co-facilitator for a 5-day course for 25 CARE staff and partners

Client - Rights and Voice Initiative (RAVI)
Date - July 2005

Brief Description
RBA Training:

Design and provision of training in Rights Based Approaches for RAVI grant partner organisations including practical field work. Review of grant partner needs and recommendations for further training.

Date - Nov. 2004

Brief Description
Proposal and Report writing:

Facilitated the training of 20 members of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition on proposal and report writing. This included a needs assessment of the members and the development of a training programme to meet those needs.

Date - January 2004

Brief Description
Design and facilitation of a 9-day training for Bawku East Women’s Development Association (BEWDA) staff and staff of other NGOs in winning resources and support (fundraising), advocacy, participatory monitoring and evaluation, and strategic planning

Date - August 2002

Brief Description
Training in facilitation skills for community radio producers in the Community Participation and Local Governance Project

Client - GTZ
Date - February 2002

Brief Description
Training in Team Building exercises for Hohoe -sub district structures as part of organisation development of the sub-districts

Client - GTZ Legal Pluralism Project
Date - January 2002

Brief Description
Trained and supervised a group of 12 law students to undertake a PRA research and action planning with four pilot communities on marriage and child maintenance issues of concern to the community members.

Client - CARE International
Date - January 2002

Brief Description
Monitoring and evaluation training for district core teams participating in the District Assembly/Save the Children Child Protection Project.

Date - Nov. 2001 / Feb. 2001

Brief Description
Monitoring and evaluation training for district core teams participating in the District Assembly/Save the Children Child Protection Project

Client - GTZ Legal Pluralism Project
Date - Sept. 2000 - April 2001

Brief Description
Trained a team of lawyers and women rights advocates to undertake a PRA Study on Promoting Women in a Pluralistic Legal System

Client - Gender and Human Rights Documentation Centre, Accra
Date - August 2001

Brief Description
Training of project partners in facilitation techniques for working with non-literate community members in the prevention of violence against women.

Client - Kumasi Institute for Technology & Environment (KITE)
Date - February 2001

Brief Description
Training of project staff in participatory methodologies.