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Date: November 2009

Brief Description:

Civil society climate change

Training on  climate change awareness and advocacy at community and district levels on how to conduct participatory climate change.

Client: International Foundation for Education and Self Help (IFESH)

Date: September-October 2009

Brief Description:

Training of SMC/PTA's in 14 iMPACT communities in Wassa Amenfi West and Assin North.

With the objective of ensuring accessibility and the provision of quality education in project communities, International Foundation for Education and Self Help (IFESH) a key technical partner in the iMPACT project facilitating the strengthening of educational infrastructures and institutions, sponsored the training of SMC/PTA representatives from fourteen (14) of the nineteen (19) iMPACT project communities in the Assin North Municipal Assembly and eight (8) in the Wassa Amenfi West District.

The capacity building training was conducted by PDA, as an iMPACT partner, facilitating community empowerment and capacity building at the project communities for sustainable socio-economic development on behalf of IFESH. Forty-eight SMCs/PTAs representatives from six project communities in Assin North Municipal Assembly  were trained and sixty-two participants  from  eight communities in Wassa Amenfi West District. Topics/issues discussed included the composition of SMCs and PTAs, the functions and responsibilities, effective planning and organisation of meetings, resource mobilisation, maintenance and safety of school infrastructure etc.