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Date: September 2010- Febuary 2011

Brief Description:


PDA was tasked to support the mainstreaming of gender considerations in the Pro-poor REDD project in Ghana. This involved co-ordinating with the IUCN Global Gender office and the IUCN Regional office to implement activities for mainstreaming gender considerations in the pro-poor REDD project in Ghana. PDA also conducted training to build the capacity of women organizations to enhance their position within REDD+ that both improve poor rural women’s benefit from REDD+ livelihoods and mitigate effects of climate change.

Client: Centre for Sustainable Development Inititatives

Date: April 2010

Brief Description:

Training on the facilitation of Community Action Plan under the CODRIGA project.

The training was to build the capacity of CENSUDI staff, Associates, some decentralised department representatives from Bawku East, West, Kasena Nankana West, Bolga and Talensi-Nabolan in the facilitation of Community Action Plan in CODRIGA communities in their districts. As part of the training, participants were also taken through issues of Gender and Social Inclusion.

Client: Kuapa Kokoo

Date: March- April 2010

Brief Description:

Knowledge and Skills Based Training for Kuapa Kokoo Cluster Supervisors.

Kuapa Kokoo, as part of the compliance of the FLO-CERT conditions, had to put in place measures to facilitate the eradication of child labour and worst forms of child labour within their operational communities. In light of this, PDA facilitated two sets of capacity building training for some key Kuapa Kokoo field officer/cluster supervisors to equip them in the implementation of a strategic plan for the elimination of WFCL. These trainings included knowledge based training on Child Labour, Child Development and related concepts and skills based training in PLA methodologies, facilitation and community engagement processes.

Client: Free the Slaves (FTS)

Date: Febuary - June 2010

Brief description:

Engagement of Ghanaian NGOs on Child Labour/Child Trafficking issues in Cocoa Production

The purpose of the project was to strengthen the interventions of the Cocoa Protocol through independent civil society organizations informing and witnessing the process; encourage wider adoption of effective Cocoa Protocol interventions and “good practices” by NGOs working on other forms of trafficking and related abuses; and to strengthen and grow a functional national network of NGOs working against trafficking, Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) and slavery in Ghana through participation of these civil society organizations in the Cocoa Protocol process.

As part of this project FTS arranged for 12 independent civil society organizations to undertake community visits. PDA, FTS and the implementing partners of ICI accompanied the participating NGOs on exposure visits to the community-based programs of the ICI, soliciting their feedback on the programs’ strengths and areas for improvement in follow-up meetings facilitated by PDA.