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About our Training...

PDA uses a wide variety of participatory and experiential methods in its training programmes. We believe that if people are engaged in an active learning process, they will learn more effectively and retain more, as well as have more fun. Very often our training processes simply unlock and gather up the knowledge and understanding of participants, with facilitators or specialists complementing this with minimal additional inputs where needed. Our training thus works away from conventional models that view training as a process of imparting a body of knowledge by the quickest route possible.

Much of PDA’s training work has been part of projects that we work on, with the content emerging from the project itself. PDA thus creates a learning space and where particular thematic content is required, an additional person can be invited to make an input. Usually however, the critical factor is shaping an agenda and sessions that will enable people to learn most effectively. To do this, we listen carefully to our clients’ needs and develop programmes together. We can also train others in facilitation and facilitative training, as well as training of trainers.

PDA also offers its own open training courses as part of its Institute for Development Practice and Management (IDPM). See IDPM section of this website for details.