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Date: Oct 2007

Brief Description: Research-based evidence on the effectiveness on Japanase aid in Ghana

Part of a global project being undertaken by the Evidence based Policy Development Network (EBPDN) PDA coordinated the planning workshop held in Accra in October 2007 for this project for representatives of various organisations taking part in the global project. The workshop helped generate the terms of reference for the research carried out at the national level. The focus of the research was on Japanese aid as Japan would be hosting and chairing the 2008 G8 meeting. The research in Ghana commenced in December 2007 and ended in March 2008. The evidence generated on the effectiveness of Japanese aid from the Ghana study was incorporated into a global synthesis report that would be used to engage Japan and other G8 countries with a view of influencing the policy outcomes of the TICAD and G8 meetings in 2008. The global EBPDN is supported by ODI RAPID programme.

Partner / Client : ACTIONAID

Date: Jul 2007

Brief Description: Baseline Survey on Disaster Risk Reduction

Conducted a baseline survey for a project aiming to draw the attention of stakeholders, primary schools and communities to risks, their vulnerability to hazards, disaster prevention and suitable coping mechanisms. The study was conducted in four districts in the Upper East Region namely, Bawku Municipal, Bawku West, Garu-Tempane and Builsa.

Partner / Client : ODI

Date: Mar 2007 - Mar 2008

Brief Description: International Survey of Key Stakeholder Perceptions of Multilateral Organisation Effectiveness

This 6-country survey for DFID involved the identification of 50 top-level “well informed people” within five different stakeholder groups in Ghana: government, parliament, civil service, civil society and the private sector. The questionnaire-based Ghana survey was managed by PDA. Data was entered on line.