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Partner / Client : UNICEF / World Bank / DFID

Date: May 2009 - Dec 2011

Brief Description: Participatory Poverty & Vulnerability Assessments I, II & III

June 2009 - A national study (PPVA1) conducted by a 20-person research team working in 17 sites in the three northern regions and in migrant communities in southern Ghana using participatory rapid appraisal research methods. The assessment was to contribute to the 2009 World Bank Poverty Study and to capture people’s experience of coping with poverty and vulnerability in northern Ghana. A national workshop took place in Aug. 09 to present the findings to development organizations in Accra.

Oct 09 (PPVA II) - the research teams returned to the same communities to share the findings and invite feedback from the communities that took part, as well as undertake brief further research on labour intensive public works and the government’s LEAP cash transfer programme.

Feb-Mar 2010 (PPVA III) - a further intensive round of research was organized visiting the same communities, this time focusing on education and social protection.

June 2011 A consolidated report of these three rounds was published.

2010/2011 - PDA worked with the three client organizations and GOG to write briefing papers and organize high level national meetings to disseminate and implement the PPVA findings.

Partner / Client : CARE International

Date: Nov 2009 - Feb 2010

Brief Description: Ghana Baseline Study

A baseline study in the two programme areas of the Agriculture and Natural Resource portfolio was conducted by PDA. In particular the AFS and FNR programmes.

Partner / Client : Free Voice

Date: May - Jun 2009

Brief Description: PIWA Community Radio Programme (Senegal) - External review

Conducted a desk review and held semi-structured interviews with PIWA and Free Voice staff as well as PIWA’s representatives in all four countries of operation (Maritania, Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone) to assess whether all planed programme activities had been carried out successfully.

Partner / Client : The World Bank

Date: Apr - Sep 2009

Brief Description: Vulnerability Assessment and Participatory Scenario Development for costing Climate Change Adaptation for Ghana

A baseline study on the Social Dimensions of Climate Change within the global context of Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change in Ghana. In May 2009 carried out Field Validation Survey in 8 selected sites of the 4 delineated agro-ecological zones in Ghana to capture people’s knowledge and experience in coping with climate variability and environmental degradation by identifying appropriate strategies for adaptation to adverse impacts of climate change.

Also conducted Participatory Scenario Development (PSD) workshops at both national and regional (zones) levels in Ghana. PSD provided an opportunity for a range of stakeholders, including government officials, local experts, and representatives to explore the future in a rigorous, creative and policy relevant way. In these workshops, participants from government as well as the research and non-profit sectors developed  desired, yet realistic, adaptation pathways for regional and/or livelihood groups within the country, evaluating both existing and alternative adaptation options in order to prioritize investments in the short-, medium-, and long-term.

Partner / Client : The World Bank

Date: April 2009

Brief Description: Rapid Assessment of the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis in Ghana

Brief study to gather information on the likely impacts of the economic crisis on the Ghanaian economy, identifying categories of Ghanaians experiencing impacts from the financial crisis and global downturn.