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Partner / Client : UNICEF / Dept. of Labour

Date: Oct 2010 - Feb 2011

Brief Description: Study of the Effects of the Financial, Food and Fuel Crises on Vulnerable Children in Ghana, with reference to the Construction Industry

This study was aimed at understanding the impact of the global financial, food and fuel crises on Ghanaians with special emphasis on the construction industry in terms of loss of employment and the coping strategies adopted by affected households. It also focused on the vulnerability of children pertaining to child protection issues namely working children, children on the move, children separated from families etc.

Partner / Client : Global Environmental Fund (GEF)

Date: May - Jul 2010

Brief Description: Assessment of Environmental, Social & Community Concerns

PDA provided technical support to the GEF to help map out social and community issues worthy of focus and attention, in connection with GEF’s Afram-Plains plantation forestry project, through an assessment exercise and from PDA’s general knowledge of Ghana.

This assessment was to enable GEF to optimally fine-tune its project strategies, to limit the actual and perceived negative impacts, promote and help people to see the potential/positive development impacts and proactively address the potential concerns of civil society and NGO groups.

Partner / Client : The World Bank

Date: Mar - May 2011

Brief Description: Gender, Poverty, Environment and Infrastructure Linkages - Ghana

This research commissioned by the World Bank focused on analysing the positive and negative linkages between Poverty, Environment, Gender and Infrastructure (PEGI). It further sought to increase the knowledge base of local women’s and men’s perceptions of the gender-poverty-environment nexus and it interface with infrastructure and other sustainable development programs as well as their views and practices regarding the best ways to turn the negative linkages into positives.

Partner / Client : CARE International

Date: Mar - Dec 2010

Brief Description: Ghana Baseline - GIRAF Project

This study aimed to create a baseline on the current status of existing forest forums. It further sought to ascertain the capacity level of Forestwatch Ghana members to work with forest policy/ legislation, undertake advocacy, and develop the skills and strategies to facilitate forest forums, among others.