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Partner / Client : DFID and SADA

Baseline - 2012/2013
Mid - Term - 2015/2016
End - Term - 2018/2019

Brief Description: Qualitative (PRA) Baseline Study as part of the External Impact Evaluation of the Millenium Village (MV) Project, Northern Ghana

PDA is part of an ITAD UK-led consortium undertaking an independent 5-year evaluation of the MV Project in Northern Ghana using mixed methods. PDA is undertaking the qualitative aspects of the evaluation, largely using Participatory Rapid Appraisal and Reality Check approaches.
The independent evaluation builds on, expands and validates the MV project’s own M&E of the MV site and their selected comparison site. It includes establishing baselines, ongoing evaluation during the implementation phase and, subject to further agreement, continued evaluation after completion of the 5-years of direct implementation by the MV project.

Partner / Client : Coffey International Development Ltd. / DFID

Date: Nov 2012 - Feb 2013

Brief Description: Evaluation of the DFID-funded Ghana Election Support Programme

PDA was contracted by Coffey to undertake media monitoring, election-day polling station observation and a telephone survey of 150 polling agents.

Partner / Client : Free Generation Internation (FGI)

Date: May - Sep 2012

Brief Description: Free Generation International Academy Situation and Feasibility Analysis

The research focussed on the issues faced by marginalized, including migrant, girls within the Dome/Taifa community in Ghana to determine whether the setting up of an academy would be beneficial to them. The study looked at girls’ involvement in activities preventing them from going to school, how an academy would be received into the community and any tensions existing between marginalized girls and the community.

Partner / Client : West African Fair Fuit (WAFF)

Date: Apr - May 2012

Brief Description: Sustainable West Africa Palm - oil Programme (SWAPP) Ghanamill Survey

PDA was part of the team that conducted the WAFF/SWAPP Ghana Mill Survey. This included collaboration on the development and testing of the survey questionnaire. The team visited oil palm mills across Ghana, administered the survey, transcribed and analysed data and presented a report on the findings.

Partner / Client : The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Date: Jan - Apr 2012

Brief Description: IUCN Socio-Economic Baseline Study

PDA was commissioned by IUCN to do a follow-up on the 2009 Poverty-Forest linkage analysis and to review livelihood dependency on forest resources in the Wassa Amenfi West District. The study further sought to determine the implications of forest dependent livelihoods on the implementation of Reduced Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) and to further develop a socio-economic baseline for the Wassa Amenfi West District.