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Partner/Client: Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Date: Aug 2014 - Jan 2015

Brief Description: Jobs for the Future - Ghana Country Study

PDA conducted the Ghana country study as part of .ODI’s research into emerging global trends in job markets and their effect on skills development, as well as the challenges faced by companies and the workforce in an increasingly competitive world. The research used a combined approach – literature review, interviews with multinational companies and key experts in the field as well as a more in-depth examination of trends in two countries: Vietnam and Ghana. PDA conducted key informant interviews with a wide range of experts, both from the public and the private sector, in order to better understand what these trends are and how they will affect recruitment policies and the talent pipeline. These interviews were carried out by 3 and covered sectors such as  ICT, real estate, telecommunication, manufacturing etc. The results of the research will provide the basis for discussion on what government, business and education and training systems can do to address employment-skills, ‘mismatch issues’ in developing countries and ensure that individuals have the appropriate skills for the jobs of the future. In addition it will explore the role technology can play in helping to train large numbers of people in the right skills.

Partner / Client: Walk Free Foundation

Date: May – Sep 2014

Brief Description: Country Study on Modern Day Slavery in Ghana

PDA carried out a country study on modern day slavery in Ghana and conducted a series of interviews with relevant stakeholders, from government, civil society and Ghanaian industries. The objective of the research was to map and assess coverage, cost, impact & effectiveness of existing responses and interventions to modern slavery in Ghana. PDA mapped and reviewed literature about existing forms of and policies on MDS in Ghana. It also identified stakeholders and then organized a consultative stakeholder workshop with more than 30 representatives from government and NGO sector. The data collected during the field work was, together with the literature, analysed and reflected in a country report.