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Date: Jul 2002

Brief Description: Traditional Authorities and District Institutions Study

Study to identify the conditions necessary for improved co-operation and complementarities of purpose between the traditional authorities and the district and sub-district institutions of the new local government system for effective community governance.

Partner / Client : Royal Danish Embassy, Ghana

Date: Jun - Aug 2002

Brief Description: Country Assistance Strategy Assessment

The assessment, undertaken by a team of 5 consultants, was to determine the extent to which Danida had met its poverty reduction objectives in the water, transport, health and business sectors during the strategic period 1998-2002.  Involved interviews with key stakeholders, analysis and reporting, and presentation of findings at a national validation workshop.

Partner / Client : Christian Aid, UK

Date: Feb - Jun 2002

Conducted a study/review into Christian Aid's Ghana Programme. This was to contribute to their national strategic planning process in Ghana.

Conducted the Ghana Country Study as part of Christian Aid's national strategic planning process in Ghana.

Partner / Client : GTZ Legal Pluralism Project

Date: Jan 2002

Brief Description: Qualitative research study using PRA methods to explore marriage and child maintenance issues

Trained and supervised a group of 12 law students to undertake qualitative research using PRA methods in four pilot communities on marriage and child maintenance issues that were of concern to the community members. PDA was responsible for the final report.