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Date: Nov - Dec 2003

Brief Description: HIV / AIDS Mapping - A first step towards mainstreaming HIV / AIDS into the GTZ / MLGRD Local Goverance Poverty Reduction Support Programme (LG-PRSP)

This study was carried out in six districts in Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions as a first step towards mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into the GTZ/Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) Local Governance Poverty Reduction Support Programme (LG-PRSP).  The exercise attempted to ascertain who was doing, what, where, and how it was being done. It involved interviews with a variety of stakeholders from public, private and civil society organisations, including PLWHAs.

Partner / Client : Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisation Development (CIKOD)

Date: Aug - Sep 2003

Brief Description: Inventory of Indigenous Institutions

As an associate of CIKOD, PDA participated in an exercise to take an inventory of indigenous institutions - political, social, economic, religious, etc. - around which communities were organised, but which external development agents tend to marginalize when they intervene in a community. The outcome provided the basis for identifying strategies for supporting indigenous institutions in their organisation development.

Partner / Client : GTZ Regional AIDS Programme for Africa (RAPA)

Date: Jun - Jul 2003

Brief Description: Baseline Survey for the Takoradi Technical Institute HIV / AIDS Peer Education Programme

PDA co-ordinated a baseline survey for the Takoradi Technical Institute HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programme and undertook the training of the research team in PRA methods, coordinated the quantitative survey and wrote up the report. The company then provided technical assistance with writing a proposal to the Ghana HIV/AIDS Accelerated Response Fund (GARFUND). PDA also edited the Peer Educators Training and Reference Manuals started by TTI with assistance from GTZ RAPA.

Partner / Client : Ghana Association of Private and Voluntary Organizations in Development (GAPVOD)

Date: Feb 2003

Brief Description: Civil Society Platform on the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy

Conducted a study into the formation of a civil society platform on the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy and wrote a concept paper for GAPVOD and its partners.