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Partner/Client: Challenging Heights

Date: September - December 2016)

Brief Description: Preventing Child Forced Early Marriage in Fishing Communities

Child marriage is a fundamental attack on children’s human rights and in our experience is intricately entwined with the twin problems of child trafficking and child labour. To this end, PDA has been contracted by Challenging Heights to conduct research that will lead to better understanding of the nature and extent of CFEM. The project aims among others to increase knowledge and understanding about the extent and nature of child marriage in fishing communities that are the source or destination of child trafficking. We will do this by conducting unique research on child marriage with our beneficiaries.

Partner/Client: Camfed


Date: August – December 2016

Brief Description: Primary Research Into School Governance In Public Junior High Schools In Ghana from Gender Perspective.

To understand gender dynamics within school governance structures in JHS in Ghana, and how these dynamics influence outcomes that are particularly relevant for female pupils in three areas: the mainstreaming of gender issues; promotion of gender-friendly school environments; and the retention of pupils in School.

Brief Background:

The girls’ education unit (GEU) of the Ghana Education Service (GES) and CAMFES hired Participatory Development Associates to conduct a primary research into the school governance structure in Junior High Schools in Ghana from a gender perspective. The primary aim of the study is “to provide insights into the ways in which gender dynamics in school governance affect both gender mainstreaming of issues in schools and the retention of pupils’ (Camfed  and GEU TOR 2015: 1). This is part of Government of Ghana’s commitment to gender equity, initiated through the creation of a special unit in the Basic Education Unit of Ghana Education Service (GES) dedicated to the promotion of girl’s education in 1997.

The objectives of the study include:

  • To identify the extent to which the membership, participation and decision making processes of School Management Committees and other key school governance structures gendered.
  • To identify the extent by which gender dynamics within school structures affect mainstreaming of gender issues and the creation of gender-friendly schools in Junior High Schools.
  • To identify the extent to which gender dynamics within school governance structures affect retention in Junior High Schools.

Study Area:

  • 2 Regions ( Northern and Eastern)
  • 4 Districts ( 2 from each Region- Namely, Savelugu-Nanton, Karaga, Atiwa and Kwayebibirem)
  • 8 Schools ( 2 schools from the 4 Districts)



Partner/Client: Palladium – Futures Group Global Outreach Inc.

Date: September - (July – December 2016)

Brief Description: Mobile Health Research – Ghana Adolescent and Reproductive Health


The aim of this study is to understand the challenges faced by, and opportunities available to, adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) providers in the Brong Ahafo Region; who have downloaded the mobile application provided by the Ghana Health Service for real-time updates on ASRH issues. The application, funded through the Ghana Adolescent Reproductive Health (GHARH) Project, is a cost-effective medium for building the capacity of healthcare providers in real time, replacing the conventional in-service training programmes that have existed over the years. The GHARH project is strengthening the capacity of the GoG to manage and implement Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) interventions, and supporting awareness raising and behaviour change initiatives in schools, communities, and within the health system.


Partner/Client: The International Network for Training Education and Research in Burns (InterBurns)

Date: May 2016

Brief Description: Interburns Study - Community Burns Survey

PDA was contracted in May 2016 to conduct a community burns survey in Ghana to provide information on the incidence, knowledge, attitudes and practices around burns in different parts of the country. This was to help Interburns develop appropriate advocacy and education materials.
PDA worked simultaneously in 7 regions in Ghana, - Northern, Upper East, Brong Ahafo, Ashanti, Volta, Central and Greater Accra. Our duties spanned the following:

  • Field research team training to prepare the researchers’ technically
  • Monitoring research activities on field to ensure quality of work produced and that teams adhere to scheduled timelines
  • Carrying out data entry, cleaning and analysis
  • Writing a brief data analysis report for client

Partner/Client: The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)

Date: Jan-Feb 2016

Brief Description: Assessment of Protection Risks and Livelihood Options

PDA was contracted by the UNHCR Ghana Office, with the overall objective to undertake research in Krisan Camp in the Western Region that will provide policy guidance ‘to advocate for, facilitate access to and support refugees residing in the Krisan Camp to pursue livelihoods options that are void of protection risks’. The study profiled the socio-economic conditions of the Krisan Camp, in order to assess the protection and livelihood opportunities and threats faced by refugees. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies the study was designed to gather data that was sufficiently disaggregated to give a nuanced understanding to gain knowledge on the dynamics governing acquisition of livelihoods assets and choice of livelihoods strategy. It also explored ‘existing and potential protection risk’ that refugees face whilst they pursue normal livelihood options and adopt coping mechanism to obtain food, water, accommodation, children education, healthcare and energy.