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Client: CARE International Ghana

Title: Voices From The Land Project

Date: Jun 2002 - Jan 2007

Brief Description
This 6 month project which started June 2006 ended in January 2007. It has been developed to link closely to the Security in Land Tenure (SLATE) project Care International is currently implementing. The SLATE project seeks to address the underlying causes of poverty for rural land users in Ghana. It aims to influence land administration systems in favour of greater security of tenure for this group. To achieve this, the project specifically focuses on enhancing civil society voice and benefits from modified, customary or community based land administration systems and integrate its efforts into the ongoing World Bank supported Lands Administration Project.

In partnership with Care International the Voices from the Land project specifically focuses on establishing channels for the voices of poor land users to influence national policy. The focus of the work is in two regions within Ghana (Upper West and Greater Accra) and works from the community level to facilitate participatory debates amongst all land stakeholders. The issues raised from the community and district levels through dialogues and debates will be made available for advocacy at the national level, to strengthen the advocacy agenda on land. In close collaboration with the Care SLATE team, a national forum will be organised towards the end of the project, which will include other civil society organisations involved in issues related to poor land users and provide a platform to disseminate and discuss the issues identified.