Process Facilitation and Consultation

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About our Process Facilitation & Consultation Work

As well as one-off events like meetings and workshops, PDA also facilitates longer term processes, supporting our clients to conceive, design, strategise, implement and evaluate, all using participatory methods. These enable a range of different voices to make a contribution to and feel a sense of ownership of a development process.  As with our short-term work, we provide an external person/people to help free up those who are closely involved to focus and participate, as well as offer an external perspective.

Some of this work involves accompanying a team over a period of time to review progress, or plan and strategise together. With other assignments PDA supports organisational change processes, following a plan through to completion.


Client: DFID Ghana and Children's Investment Fund Foundation (UK)

Date: Mar 2012 - May 2013

Brief Description: National Quality Kindergarten (KG) Education in Ghana

PDA supported the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) in preparing a 5-year Operational Plan for scaling up national quality Kindergarten (KG) Education in Ghana. The development of this 5-year operational plan was the second phase of a process that began in mid-2011 and built on a substantial amount of work done in the first phase: including literature reviews, meetings with key stakeholders and the work of five technical working groups. These resulted in the GES and the MoE completing a situational and stakeholder analysis, with the support of international consultants, led by Cambridge Education.

The second phase sought to build on and deepen the outputs and processes of the first phase. The end result was a fully costed operational plan owned by GES and MoE, including a 20-30 page narrative in a format that could be easily integrated into the Government of Ghana (GoG) policy, planning and budgeting processes (including the ESP, the AESOP and the Annual Budget presentation to Parliament).


Client: Sustainable Tree Crops Program (STCP/IITA)

Date: Apr 2011- Nov 2011

Brief Description: Introduction of Cocoa Certification

PDA introduced cocoa certification to 27 farmer associations and re-structured 29 others through participatory dialogue and sensitization under the EU/CSSP 2 in 8 districts of Ashanti and Western Regions. PDA linked the 27 farmer organisations to input suppliers and kept contact with the 29 farmer associations which had challenges in their organizational development, with a view of soliciting resources to support them in future. Unfortunately, the project came to an end before this objective could be achieved.


Client: Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN)

Date: Apr 2009- Oct 2010

Brief Description: GCRN Community Radio Project

Supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), Ghana Community Radio Network sought to double the number of community radio stations in Ghana, thus giving voice to the marginalised in society. PDA, as a partner and together with GCRN, facilitated the establishment of 10 community radio stations in 10 districts in the Ashanti and Western Regions of which 5 are in the oil and gas districts in the Western Region. Activities under the partnership included training representatives of listening communities and district stakeholders in Community Radio Participatory Research and Design, providing technical support to the District Coordinating Committees in charge of implementing the project in proposal writing, fund raising strategies, and conducting effective meetings. PDA and GCRN also supported the communities in the development of their frequency applications and advocacy to the national regulatory authority for approval.

Client: Centre for Sustainable Develoopment Initiatives (CENSUDI)

Date: Mar 2009 -Apr 2010

PDA staff supported CENSUDI, a civil society organisation based in Bolgatanga with a change process, including a succession plan to transition the organisation beyond its founders. Activities included long term planning and assisting CENSUDI to identify, recruit and orientate key new senior management staff.


Client: Sustainable Tree Crops Program (STCP) / International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

Date: Dec 2008 - Jun 2010

The Demand Driven Extension Service was an initiative of STCP, a public-private partnership that aims to improve the socio-economic well-being of smallholder tree crop farmers in West and Central Africa. The project, which was implemented in two (2) districts (Adansi South and Sekyere East) in the Ashanti Region, trained 279 farmers in Integrated Crop and Pest Management (ICPM) practices using the Farmer Field School (FFS) methodology.

Client: COWATER International Inc. (GOG / CIDA)

Date: Jul 2008 - 2016

Brief Description: Northern Region Small Towns Water and Sanitation Project (NORST-Ghana)
The target of the seven-year NORST Project is to provide increased access to potable water and sanitation services in up to 30 selected small towns in the Northern Region through the design, installation, and capacity building support for the operation of water supply systems and appropriate sanitation facilities.

PDA has provided a Conflict Mitigation Specialist who, among other things, summarized the status of the tribal conflict situation in the Eastern Corridor of Northern Region, provided a brief background of the situation and identified the main stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities in conflict mitigation and resolution. PDA has also provided a Gender Specialist who is working within the conceptual framework of social inclusion.


Client: Business Advocacy Challenge Fund (BUSAC 1)

Date: 2007 - 2009

PDA was a listed Service Provider for the BUSAC Fund providing services in the form of technical support and other consultancy services to associations who wished to access the Fund for their business advocacy actions. PDA provided services to assist the development and implementation of advocacy proposals of four (4) business associations in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions.
-    Birim North Chainsaw Operators Association advocating for a review of the ban on chainsaw lumbering
-    Sekyere East Association of Small Scale Industries advocating for an improved system of income tax collection for the informal sector
-    Poultry and Livestock Farmers Association in the Atwima Nwagiagya District advocating for quality feed on the market
-    Tafo Woodworkers Association advocating for improved quantity and quality of wood in the local market.
PDA staff supported the associations to implement their advocacy actions which included facilitating dialogue and engagement with various stakeholders in government and the private sector as well as liaising with the media.


Client: Ministry of Local Government Rural Development & Canadian International Developement Agency (CIDA)

Date: May 2004 - Oct 2010

Brief Description: Community Driven Initiatives for Food Security (CIFS)
PDA provided the Capacity Development Specialist for this 6-year bilateral programme funded by CIDA and implemented through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. The overall goal of CIFS was to contribute to increased food security in northern Ghana through an approach that was environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. The purpose was to demonstrate that community-driven initiatives, implemented within the existing framework for district planning, are an effective and sustainable way of increasing food security in northern Ghana. The project covered 10 districts in the eastern corridor of the Northern Region and employed capacity building as a key strategy for implementation in a manner that enabled learning across districts and ensured that lessons and experiences from one district informed the way activities were implemented in other districts.


Client: Ibis Ghana

Date: Dec 2002 - Dec 2004

Brief Description: Formative Monitoring and Evaluation
PDA provided a staff for a four-person monitoring and evaluation team which met annually to review and support the work of Ibis’ Organisation Capacity Building programme.


Client: Ghana Network for Participatory Development (gNETPAD)

Date: 2001 -

Brief Description: Network Formation and Support
Initiated the formation of gNETPAD in September 2001 and currently hosting the secretariat.

Open Space Technology
Organised a series of five national events to mark the inauguration of the network, including a video and publication to share the ideas and themes that emanated from them. The events included a GTV interview with Robert Chambers and two gNETPAD members; three open space discussions on ‘Participation and Local Government’, formal inauguration of the Network by the Northern Regional Minister at the time, Mr. Ernest Debrah; and a round table meeting with donor and INGOs to share the findings of the open space discussions.


Client: Save the Children - Ghana Country Programme

Date: 2000 - Dec 2003

Brief Description: Consultant to Save the Children (Ghana Country Programme)
Assisting the development of the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights by facilitating concept paper, stakeholder consultation, and group discussion processes.