Facilitation and Moderation of Workshops

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About our Facilitation and Moderation Work

Using an external facilitator can both free programme organisers to concentrate on the content or participate in the process themselves, and provide a neutral outsider to guide a process to a conclusion or navigate contentious issues. Sometimes sector experts do not have the facilitation skills to facilitate a programme for themselves and they need someone to handle the process while they provide the specialist content.

PDA personnel use participatory methods of different kinds to help clients to run their programmes. We are well known for our lively, interactive and engaging way of working so that everyone is involved and can contribute. We can also run courses to teach others how to facilitate.

Many different types of organisations ask PDA to provide facilitators to help them organise events in order to take decisions, share lessons and collaborate: government, non-government and private sector, as well as collaborations of these.

We normally meet with clients to plan the programme together and are happy to either take full responsibility for the design and facilitation of the programme, or co-facilitate as desired. PDA can also provide workshop documentation services where reports or audio-visual records are required.