SDG Kids

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SDG Kids is a project which focuses on promoting the awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals among children and young people. The project seeks to use child centred participatory methodologies and interactive activities that help build children’s capacity in taking actions to support the attainment of the SDGs by 2030.  The goal of the SDG Kids project is to harness the potentials of children and young people to initiate actions in their communities and contribute towards implementation of the SDGs by 2030.

1. To enable young people develop understanding and awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.
2. To facilitate processes to enable children and young people to become agents of change and initiate their own projects promote development in their communities.
3. To help children and young people in their personal development (Leadership)


Implementation approach

Formation of SDG action clubs in communities to take action and lead SDG Kids’ project activities in schools.

Engagement of children through Games, Arts, Crafts and Competitions in addressing developmental challenges in their communities.
Children-community engagement events


Expected Outcomes

The SDG kids initiative has three main outcomes:

• Children in communities gain full knowledge and understanding about the sustainable development goals.
• Children become agents of change in their communities. Lead and implement their own project in their communities.
• Communities involve children community decision making and implementation processes.