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Current Project 1

Project Name: Preventing Child Forced Early Marriage (CFEM) in Fishing Communities

Project Period: expected to end in December

Brief Description:

Child marriage is a fundamental attack on children’s human rights and in our experience is intricately entwined with the twin problems of child trafficking and child labour. To this end, PDA has been contracted by Challenging Heights to conduct research that will lead to better understanding of the nature and extent of CFEM. The project aims among others to increase knowledge and understanding about the extent and nature of child marriage in fishing communities that are the source or destination of child trafficking. We will do this by conducting unique research on child marriage with our beneficiaries.

Current Project 2

Project Name: mNutrition Project

Project Period: Project is expected to end in March 2017

Brief Description:

mNutrition, launched in September 2013, is an initiative aimed at improving knowledge among rural farming communities especially women and support beneficial behaviour change as well as increasing demand for nutrition and agriculture extension services. The mNutrition initiative will work in 10 countries in Africa (Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia) and four countries in South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). The desired impact of mNutrition will be improved nutrition, food security and livelihoods of the poor. mNutrition is a global initiative supported by DFID, organised by GSMA, and implemented by in-country mobile network operators (MNOs) to use mobile technology to improve the health and nutritional status of children and adults in the developing world.

It is expected that the project will help:

  • Improved access to relevant mobile based health, nutrition and agricultural advisory services for 3 million poor people and community health workers across 10 SSA and 4 Asian countries;
  • Development of locally relevant content for mobile phone technology based agriculture and nutrition services meeting demands from users and community health workers.
  • Adoption of new agricultural practices that are nutrition sensitive, improve agricultural productivity and utilise post-harvest technologies

Participatory Development Associates (PDA)’s has been contracted to design, plan and team to support the qualitative Impact Evaluation (IE) of mNutrition in Ghana. In partnership with the Institute of Development Studies, UK, PDA with expertise in multidisciplinary, participatory and qualitative research methods will be responsible for collecting and analysing the qualitative data for the Ghana mAgri programme. The study is expected to measure the impact, cost-effectiveness and commercial viability of mNutrition.

Participatory Development Associates (PDA) Ltd. is a human development organisation of skilled people ...

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